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Vodka is known for lacking a distinct taste. Instead, a stylistic difference in brands is their texture on the tongue, referred to as the mouthfeel. Some vodka, such as Absolut, has an oily, silky texture with a hint of sweetness, while others like Stolichnaya are clean, watery, and have a medicinal finish

The history of vodka started in Russia in the 14th century. Vodka at this time was made by the distillation of grapes, and it was considered to be a spirit wine, because it was a combination between English spirits and wine

TOP vodka brands

Magic Moments

RadicoKhaitan Group of breweries proudly manufactures its much popular vodka by the name of “Magic Moments”, in India. They are almost selling on higher quantities in rural areas of India. In maximum Indian bars and retail shops, this brand vodka is gettable. Easy availability makes this vodka to the top of the customer’s demand. This brand is even having different flavors, which they have termed as “Remix.”

White Mischief

This is again a translucent Vodka Bottle with blue and red packaging. A good label of Vodka that is popular in India and sales is good enough in highly populated country of ours. Again it’s a product from famous United Breweries group and has achieved 2 star rating from International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) for high standards of quality and taste. More and more, it has been awarded the most anticipated Gold certificate from International Spirituosen Wettbewerb 2007.


The same manufacturer of Vladivar is also producing Romanov Vodka. They come in premium tastes and flavors like Orange, Apple, Lemon and many additional varieties, hard to find in India. This Vodka has been honored as the 2 star rating by International Taste and Quality Department. The bottle is quite okay in design but alcohol is great in taste. It deserves your choice in the term of alcoholic percentage also which is 43% in case of Romanov.


Eristoff vodka is manufactured Bacardi-Martini India, mainly originated from Georgia. It is quite popular in elder category especially in officers or business heads when huge groups are involved. It gains momentum fast in Indian market and widely accepted by the consumers. Besides being expensive, they are good in quality and suit the stature. It is available in three variants like Green, Apple, and Original.


Content - 40% ABV

Grey Goose

Content - 40% ABV

Ketel One

Content - 40% ABV


Content - 40% ABV


Content - 40% ABV


Content - 40% ABV

42 Below

Content - 40% ABV


Content - 40% ABV